AFMA collects a range of information on which to base its decisions. Much of this information is for the purpose of evaluating the biological and ecological status of fisheries resources. AFMA also uses information about the economics of its fisheries, for example exchange rates, cost of diesel and other input costs.

Following consultation with industry AFMA will collect more information about gear and quota Statutory Fishing Right (SFR) prices. Initially, this information will be collected from sellers on an optional basis via new fields on AFMA’s SFR lease  and transfer forms and GoFish.

AFMA will review the information that is provided over the next three to six months, and will decide whether to continue collecting price information on an optional or mandatory basis. In the future, AFMA may also collect price information for other concession types. AFMA will notify those affected of any changes prior to them occurring.

How to report SFR prices

From September 2016, fishing operators can record the price of leased and permanently transferred gear and quota Statutory Fishing Rights (SFRs).

More information can be found in the FAQ’s below. If have any enquiries regarding this matter, please contact Beth Gibson, Senior Manager of Policy, Environment, Economics and Research on (02) 6225 5305.

SFR price information FAQ’s

 The entity (person/company) selling the quota SRFs should enter the price of SFRs that are being leased or permanently transferred.

Accurate information about the prices of leased or permanently transferred quota and gear SFRs.
The price can be entered on both the paper or electronic version of the fishery attachment transfer forms.
Related entities are individuals, partnerships or companies that have the same (or substantially the same) ownership. You should report if the transfer was between related entities or not on the transfer form.
Yes, you should report the total price paid by the buyer including any brokerage.
Accurate price estimates may be provided where the actual value of individual quota and/or gear SFR type(s) is not known, for example:

  • An SFR package is transferred with an agreed price for the package, but not separate prices for each individual type of quota or gear.
  • A profit sharing arrangement is entered into and no money is exchanged for the quota (for example, where the SFRs were transferred without payment on the agreement that both parties would share part of the revenue or profit from the sale of fish).
  • The SFRs were a gift or loan.
  • You swapped SFRs for SFRs of another species (or other products and/or services).
  • Other situations where no money is exchanged.

In all of these situations the seller should accurately estimate prices for each individual quota SFR type and record that the prices are estimates in the
appropriate place on the form.

AFMA has controls on disclosure of commercial information. AFMA may publish SFR price data in aggregated form but an individual’s SFR prices will not be published. AFMA’s Information disclosure policy guides how AFMA discloses information consistent with legal requirements.