Management advisory committee members are contractors appointed by the AFMA Commission under Division 5 – Committees, of the Fisheries Administration Act 1991 (PDF, 3.9 MB) (FAA). Appointments are statutory, so members are considered AFMA officers. Members are paid sitting fees and  and can seek reimbursement for expenses incurred. Member may also be eligible to receive 15.4 per cent superannuation.

Read the Fisheries Management Paper 1 – Management Advisory Committees or more information on the operation of management advisory committees.

Upcoming management advisory committee meeting dates

MAC Date Venue
SEMA 1-2 November 2017 Canberra
TTMAC 16 November 2017 Sydney
SouthMAC November 2017 Teleconference
GABMAC Week of 20 November 2017 TBC
NORMA January 2018 Brisbane

Rates for daily sitting fees and travel expenses

Members are entitled to claim a daily sitting fee for attendance at committee meetings and a daily travel allowance to cover accommodation, meals and incidentals. Members may also claim reimbursement of other expenses, such as parking and taxis. The amounts are determined by the Remuneration Tribunal.

The current daily sitting fee amounts are:

  • chairs – $747 per day
  • members – $561 per day.

View the full Remuneration determination of Public Offices for Part-time Offices

Making a claim: for management advisory committee members

Claims for daily sitting fees and expenses must be submitted within three months of the meeting you are claiming for. You can submit your claim by completing the following forms, and sending to your Executive Officer. You must attach copies of receipts for any expenses being claimed. Sitting fees can only be claimed for the number of hours or days that the meeting took place. Allowances are only payable if there is at least one overnight stay (section 3.3 Day Travel in RTD number 2004/03)


If a members payment for one month exceeds $450 they are eligible to receive 15.4 per cent superannuation for that month, payed into an Australian Taxation Office authorised superannuation fund. A PSSap super account will be opened for members whose nominated superannuation fund is not Australian Taxation Office authorised.

Members must complete and return the following forms to their Executive Officer:

New management advisory committee members

All new management advisory committee members must complete and return the following forms to their relevant Executive Officer: