Australian Public Service Employee Census 2022

Each year we take part in the Australian Public Service (APS) Census. The results help us to identify areas of strong performance, opportunities for further development, and to track how we are progressing on key organisational strategies, initiatives and workplace culture.

It is important for us to check in with our people and listen to what they have to say on workforce issues, such as job satisfaction, employee engagement and leadership. In 2022, seventy-nine (79) per cent of our workforce responded to the survey.

Our Census results show us that we:

  • value our workplace culture by supporting and promoting an inclusive workplace
  • support health and wellbeing programs and policies, including flexible work practices, and
  • feel inspired to come up with new or better ways of doing things, including supporting the notion that failure is a part of innovation.

Responses to the survey also point to areas where there are opportunities for improvement. We are already working on organisational strategies and initiatives to address areas such as leadership development and communication, workgroup skills and adaptability and our recruitment and retention.

Sharing our experience at work and making a commitment to take action helps us all to build a workplace where we are engaged and motivated to come to work each day.

View AFMA’s 2022 APS Census results.

Find out more about the APS Employee Census on the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) website.

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