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    You can help us make sure our fish stocks are protected for the future by reporting any illegal and suspicious fishing activities you see!


    3 ways to report


    Why should I report?

    Illegal fishing has environmental and financial effects on families and business involved in the fishing industry who are doing the right thing.

    The commercial industry employs more than 5000 people and  is worth over $1.75 billion to the Australian economy annually.


    What are illegal fishing activities?

    Illegal fishing activities include:

    • Taking protected species
    • Fishing in closed or prohibited areas
    • Illegal use of fishing gear
    • Not deploying mitigation devices
    • Black-market fish
    • Foreign fishing.


    What details do you need?

    It is important to provide as much detail as you can. You should include as much as possible of the following:

    • where the offence took place (give as much detail as you can)
    • time and date
    • type of illegal activity (for example shark finning)
    • description of the suspected offenders, including the clothing they were wearing
    • names of the suspected offenders and any distinguishing features
    • type of boat and registration details
    • type of fish being caught
    • fishing gear – nets, traps, trawls etc
    • registration numbers of vehicles, vessels or trailers
    • other information you feel may be useful or any other suspicious activity that might be associated with the offence
    • photographs.


    Can I report anonymously?

    Yes. When reporting you only need to include details you want to provide.


    What happens once I make a report?

    Reporting suspected illegal fishing incidents helps AFMA in securing our fisheries future. The information you provide will be reviewed and may be used for investigation or targeted education and compliance responses. We may follow up with you if we require additional information. AFMA may forward the information to relevant authorities. 

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    Page last updated: 10/02/2023