Gifts and benefits

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority is required to report all gifts or benefits which are valued at over $100.

Regular reporting ensures the Agency meets public expectations regarding public service integrity, accountability, independence, transparency, and professionalism.  

In order to demonstrate the Agency's commitment to meeting these expectations, gifts and benefits received are also publicly reported.


Statement by AFMA's Executive

In the course of undertaking my duties as a member of the Australian Fisheries Management Executive team, I declare I received these gifts or benefits, the value of which exceeds the stipulated threshold of $AUD100.00 (excluding GST).

Received Recorded Item Received by Presented by Occasion Estimated value $AU*
06/03/2020   Meal W, Norris SETFIA Dinner meeting $100
28/04/2020   Meal W, Norris FCF Fishing Company Dinner $100


*Wholesale value in country of origin or current market value in Australia

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