Remuneration of Senior Executive

Remuneration of AFMA Chief Executive

2017-18 financial year

The remuneration of the AFMA Chief Executive is made under the sub-section 7(3) and 7(4) of the Remuneration Tribunal Act 1973.

Office Base Salary (per annum) Total Remuneration for office (per annum)
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Fisheries Management Authority $285,930 $391,680


Download the Determination 2016/19: Remuneration and Allowances for Holders of Full-Time Public Office.


Remuneration of Senior Executive

2016-17 financial year

Total Remuneration Executive No. Average Reportable Salary


Average Contributed superannuation $ Average Allowances $ Average bonus paid $ Average Total remuneration $
$275,001 to $350,000 3 $215,101 $66,389 $22,517 $0 $304,007


Note – Information contained in above table excludes remuneration for Statutory Office Holders. Due to the small numbers of senior executives within AFMA, further breakdown of senior executive remuneration packages are not made available to avoid identification of individuals.


Key requirements/definitions

The ‘reportable salary’ column is prepared on a cash basis using reportable salary as defined as the sum of:

  1. gross payments (excluding bonuses)
  2. reportable fringe benefits (net amount)
  3. reportable employer superannuation contributions
  4. exempt foreign employment income

as reported in an individual’s payment summary.

The ‘contributed superannuation’ column is prepared on a cash basis using contributed superannuation as defined as follows:

  • For individuals that are in a defined contribution scheme (e.g., PSSap), ‘Contributed superannuation’ should include the defined contribution amounts. This amount is typically located on the individual’s payslip.


  • For individuals that are in a defined benefit scheme (e.g. PSS and CSS), ‘Contributed superannuation’ should include the Notional Employer ​Contribution Rate (NECR) amount, Employer Productivity Superannuation Contribution (also known as the Productivity Component) and any Additional Lump Sum Contribution paid during the financial reporting period.

The ‘reportable allowances’ column is prepared on a cash basis using reportable allowances as is equal to the ‘total allowances’ figure as reported in an individual’s payment summary. Reportable allowances excludes any allowances already reported in the gross payments line in the payment summary.

The ‘bonus paid’ column is prepared on a cash basis using bonus paid as is equal to the actual bonus paid to individuals during the reporting period and is a component of gross payments reported on the payment summary.

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