Minor line fishing refers to trolling, pole and line (poling) or rod and reel fishing. These methods are often used by recreational fishers.

Species targeted

Minor line fishing gear is mainly used to catch yellowfin tuna, but many other species can also be caught using this gear.

How minor line fishing works

Minor lines are short lines and only have a small number of hooks, often even just one. The main forms of minor line fishing are; trolling, poling, rod and reel.

Trolling is when lures or baits are dragged through the water by a slow-moving boat.

Poling is when a pole with a line and bait attached is used to drag the bait through the water. When a fish is hooked it is flicked back into the boat, rather than being reeled in.

Rod and reel fishing is most often used by recreational fishers.

Environmental impacts and management

Minor line gear does not cause much damage to marine environments, as they typically do not come into contact with the ocean floor. These techniques also have a low bycatch rate, and any accidental catches can be released after capture.