Celebrate the science behind your favourite seafood dish

Behind every plate of Australian-sourced gourmet prawns or takeaway fish and chips lies rigorous scientific research and cutting edge technology.

Science plays a vital role in maintaining sustainable fisheries and AFMA uses a wide range of scientific and research based activities to effectively manage and ensure sustainability of Commonwealth fisheries.

To celebrate National Science Week 2020, AFMA is paying tribute to the research, technology and people that ensure Australia’s fisheries continue to be world-leading and remain sustainable for future generations to enjoy.

In order to make informed science-based management decisions that take the impact of fishing on the marine environment into account, AFMA uses a wide range of fisheries data collected by scientists, researchers and industry. This information informs the management actions for a fishery, such as setting catch and fishing effort limits to ensure target species are maintained at environmentally sustainable levels.

Advances in science and technology have also changed the way we monitor fisheries. GPS data from vessel monitoring systems and independently verified fisheries data from electronic monitoring have improved how AFMA monitors compliance with management measures.

Throughout National Science Week (15-23 August), AFMA will be posting fishery facts, profiles of AFMA staff with a scientific background, and stories about AFMA’s innovative use of science and technology on the AFMA Facebook page.

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About National Science Week

National Science Week is an annual celebration of science and technology. It was established in 1997, with the goals of acknowledging Australian scientists’ contributions to the world of knowledge and encouraging an interest in science among the general public, especially young people.

Find more information at the National Science Week website.

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