Electronic catch disposal records now available through elog software providers

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is reminding fishers and fish receivers that elog software may now be used to submit an electronic Catch Disposal Records (eCDRs). 

Catch disposal records are used by fisheries managed under the quota system to gather and maintain data on the species caught. 

AFMA has been conducting live trials of eCDRs with both boats and receivers, and the system is working well, with fishers and fish receivers commenting on the easy-to-use eCDRs. 

Fishers interested in using eCDRs need to check with their elog provider to the availability of this functionality within their software.  

AFMA has created an easy-to-use fish receiver portal within GoFish to enable Fish Receivers to enter their part of the eCDR. 

eCDRs are now available for all the Commonwealth concessions holders endorsed for the fishing method Line, Trawl and Gillnet and their Commonwealth fish receiver permit holders (receiver). eCDRs for fish landed from other fishing methods (fisheries) will be online soon. 

For information about eCDRs firstly contact your software provider. If you require further information contact AFMA on 1300 723 621, option 2, or via email to 

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