Improved traceability in the Bass Strait Central Zone Scallops Fishery

Bass Strait Central Zone Scallops are caught commercially in the Bass Strait between Tasmania and Victoria with the fishery managed by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA).

The BSCZSF 2020 fishing season opened on 12 July and a total allowable catch (TAC) was set at 3,000 tonnes for Commercial scallops and 100 tonnes for doughboy scallops.

This season AFMA has introduced changes to fishing concession conditions to reflect the revised instructions in the Commonwealth Scallop/Squid Catch Disposal Records (CDR), which requires all parts of the CDR to be completed before a consignment is moved from within the immediate proximity of the boat.

In consultation with the BSCZSF Management Advisory Committee, AFMA amended the BSCZSF CDR to improve traceability of scallops landed from the fishery and introduced the Commonwealth Scallop/Squid Catch Disposal Records (CDR) at the end of the 2019 fishing season.

The revised instructions can be found in the Commonwealth Scallop/Squid Catch Disposal Records (CDR) and AFMA encourages all operators to familiarise themselves with these instructions prior to fishing.

Operators must accurately complete the CDR -SCQ02B ensuring all required fields are completed, noting that:

  • Scallops must not be transported before they are accurately weighed at the point of unload and a CDR is completed.
  • If the scallops are being split into multiple consignments during unload, all parts of the CDR must be completed for each consignment prior to being moved from the boat. This is required even if separate consignments are being transported to the same location.
  • Operators must record the buyers information for each consignment, including name, address and either the buyers email address or phone number.
  • The ‘yellow copy’ page of the CDR must accompany the scallops to the buyer that is recorded on the CDR for that consignment.

Failure to comply with fishing concession conditions is an offence under the Fisheries Management Act 1991. Any operators found not to be complying with their requirements, may be issued with an on the spot fine/Commonwealth Infringement Notices (CFINs) up to $2,520 for an individual or $12,600 for a company or prosecution action could be taken against them.

The 2020 BSCZSF Management Arrangements Booklet and the BSCZSF general conditions 2020 season have been distributed to concession holders and active operators and can be found on the AFMA website.

If you require further information please contact Dan Corrie, Manager BSCZSF, on 0447 019 916 or email or for Compliance information Tod Spencer, Senior Manager National Compliance Strategy on (02) 6225 5312 or email

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