Inmarsat C Network Access Fee

Inmarsat has advised the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) that a new Network Access Fee will be applied to existing and new owners of Inmarsat C terminals registered in Inmarsat’s Electronic Service Activation System (ESAS).

This means operators using Inmarsat C systems for vessel monitoring system (VMS) requirements, will be charged an additional monthly fee by Inmarsat.

We are advised this fee is payable by the unit owners via their respective unit supplier (retailer) and will be effective from 6 July 2020. 

Inmarsat has advised AFMA that non-payment of these fees will result in the VMS units being de-activated.

AFMA urges all operators using Inmarsat C units for VMS to contact their unit suppliers immediately to discuss the charges and enter into arrangements as required.

If VMS units are deactivated, operators may breach their fishing permit conditions.

For more information on the changes download the Inmarsat C Network Access Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have question please email or call 02 6225 5555.

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