National Science Week – Profile Haydn Titterton

National Science Week – Profile Haydn Titterton

This year we bring you some AFMA team profiles, showcasing how science and AFMA work hand in hand in sustainable fisheries management.

Today’s profile in the spotlight is Haydn Titterton who works at AFMA’s Lakes Entrance office.

Haydn is a Senior Management Officer. He has a Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science with Honours (Policy and Governance specialisation) from the University of Tasmania. He acknowledges that his passion for sustainable management of our oceans has motivated him pursuing his studies.

Studied: Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science with Honours (Policy and Governance specialisation) from the University of Tasmania.

What prompted you to study in your particular field?    

I have always been passionate about the sustainable management of our oceans and the environment, and I was driven to my studies because it provided me with the skills necessary to establish a career in environmental management and policy, and contribute to the sustainable management of Australia’s natural resources.

What attracted you to working at AFMA?     

Since beginning my studies, I have been driven to work with the Australian Government to make a positive contribution to the management of Australia’s marine resources. Australia’s fisheries are among some of the best managed in the world, and this inspired me to join AFMA.

How has your study contributed to working at AFMA?   

In my undergraduate studies, I majored in both marine science and marine policy, which provided a great foundation for working in fisheries management. I believe that the nexus between science and policy is fundamental to the effective management our oceans and the environment more broadly, and having a basis in both marine science and policy provided me with the foundation necessary to approach this important work. Through my Honours studies, I specialised in international marine law and policy, with a focus on Australia’s strategic interests in the Southern Ocean. The skills I gained in both research and policy analysis through this experience will be of value to me throughout my career. 

Words of advice for those looking to study in the same or similar field as you.    

I would encourage those considering studying this field to do so! The career and development opportunities are significant and the need for people with skills in environmental management and policy development are more necessary now than ever.

Do you have any anecdotes from your study to share?     

In 2020, I was fortunate enough to participate in a 58-day research voyage to the Southern Ocean on the RV Investigator. As part of the science team, I was responsible for sorting and processing geological samples from rock dredges off the continental slope, as well as marine mammal observations during seismic activities. One of the objectives of this voyage was to collect the data necessary for Australia to expand its continental shelf jurisdiction on the Kerguelen Plateau, off Heard Island and McDonald Islands. This voyage formed the basis of my Honours research.

I was also lucky enough to attend the Polar Law Symposium in 2019 and hear from the world’s leading experts in Arctic and Antarctic law and governance. 

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