Remember to send your e-monitoring hard drive to AFMA

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is reminding operators with e-monitoring systems installed on their vessel of their requirement to return their hard drives to AFMA.

Successful fishery management relies on the collection of data that accurately reflects fishing activities. Reviewing footage captured through e-monitoring helps AFMA to verify that fishers accurately report the amount and type of fish they catch, and interactions they may have with threatened, endangered and protected species.    

To ensure that e-monitoring footage is reviewed in a timely manner, fishers must return their hard drives at the first landing of each month or when their hard drive is 80% full, whichever occurs first.

Fishers should also make sure their cameras are clean and are functioning prior to any fishing. If you are having problems with your e-monitoring system please contact Archipelago Asia Pacific (AAP) on 02 6162 1192

Fishers found not complying with their e-monitoring requirements may be subject to compliance action which may include fines up to $55,500 for an individual or $277,500 for a company. 

For Compliance information contact Tod Spencer, Senior Manager National Compliance Strategy on (02) 6225 5312 or email  

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