Revised policy on developmental and exploratory fishing

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) recently reviewed Fisheries Management Paper (FMP) 5, the policy that outlines the arrangements around developmental and exploratory fishing.  

In consultation with stakeholders the review led to a revision of the policy that is now complete FMP 5: Developmental Fisheries Policy. The revised policy outlines the rights and obligations of fishers wanting to explore and develop new, unallocated or unexploited stocks or species. The policy also provides clarity for fishers on the process AFMA will follow in assessing whether a new fishery can be established including; focusing on a cost effective approach and at the same time having strict sustainability and environmental controls in place. 

Along with the providing transparency for stakeholders interested in establishing or gaining access to a developing fishery, FMP 5: Developmental Fisheries Policy simplifies the preliminary, exploratory and feasibility phases of developmental fishing. AFMA would like to thank those involved in the review of the policy. 

You can find the Fisheries Management Paper 5: Developmental Fisheries Policy on the AFMA website. 

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