Wez Norris
Chief Executive Officer

Anna Willock
Deputy CEO Fisheries Management Branch

Daniel Corrie
Senior Manager Demersal & Midwater

Ryan Murphy
Policy, Environment, Economics and Research

Fiona Hill
Senior Manager Tuna & International Fisheries

Senior Manager Northern Fisheries

Claire van der Geest
General Manager Digital Transformation and Electronic Monitoring

John Andersen
Chief Operating Officer

Corinne Fox
Senior Manager People, Capability & Engagement

Jo Hobson
Chief Finance Officer

Angus Tye
General Counsel

Peter Mann
Chief Information Officer

Scott Connors
Senior Manager Business Operational Support

Peter Venslovas
General Manager Fisheries Operations Branch

Brendan Rayner
Senior Manager Compliance Operations

Tod Spencer
Senior Manager National Compliance Strategy

Viv Fernandes
A/g Senior Manager Foreign Compliance