Anna Willock
A/g Chief Executive Officer

Beth Gibson
A/g Executive Manager Fisheries Management Branch

Brodie Macdonald
A/g Senior Manager Demersal & Midwater

Beth Gibson
Senior Manager Policy, Environment, Economics & Research

Trent Timmiss
Senior Manager Tuna & International Fisheries

Steve Bolton
Senior Manager Northern Fisheries

Ryan Murphy
Senior Manager Fisheries Services

John Andersen
General Manager Corporate Services Branch

Libby Jenkins
Senior Manager Workplace

Robert Gehrig
Chief Finance Officer

Andrew Pearson
Senior Manager Executive and Legal

Michael Roses
Chief Information Officer

Scott Connors
Senior Manager Risk, Security and Property

Peter Venslovas
General Manager Fisheries Operations Branch

John Davis
Senior Manager Compliance Operations

Tod Spencer
Senior Manager National Compliance Strategy

Kerry Smith
Senior Manager Foreign Compliance