Commonwealth Child Safe Framework

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    The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is committed to promoting and maintaining a culture that provides a safe environment for children and young people. As a Commonwealth entity, AFMA undertakes an annual risk assessment of compliance in accordance with the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework (CCSF) and publish our statement each year. The Framework sets standards for creating and maintaining child safe cultures and practices in Australian Government organisations.

    We are committed to the protection of children in accordance with the Child Safety Framework in the course of our work and work-related activities.

    Our interactions domestically are predominantly with commercial fishing operators, industry associations and our committees and do not involve having any responsibility for, or contact with children or young people, and accordingly the residual risk level for child safety-related risks remains low. However, on rare occasion when interdicting with illegal foreign fishers at sea, children and young persons have been identified as part of the illegal fishing crew and in such circumstances AFMA’s officers are aware of their responsibilities in accordance with AFMA’s Child Protection and Safety Policy.

    Where relevant, we take preventative measures to ensure the protection and safety of children through adoption of the National Statement of Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

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    Page last updated: 31/10/2023