AFMA delivers compliance operations during the pandemic

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is delivering the 2019-20 National Compliance and Enforcement Program by working with Commonwealth fishers to provide education, engagement and monitoring and enforcement operations.

Monitoring and enforcement operations are being conducted safely, having made some changes to day-to-day compliance operations.

During the month of May 2020 AFMA fisheries officers continued:

  • To use and AFMA’s Facebook page as key communications channels to keep fishers up-to-date with the latest information.
  • SMS priority messages to concession holders. 
  • Monitor fishing operations through:  
    • Vessel Monitoring and E monitoring systems.
    • Conducting 28 Office-based boat inspections with the use of logbook, catch disposal records and other data.
    • 28 day and end of season over quota reconciliation
    • Closure compliance.   
    • Surveillance tasking’s utilising CCTV capabilities in ports where Commonwealth vessels unload

AFMA recognises the current challenges facing Commonwealth commercial fishers and our aim is to ensure the compliance operations in place even through these challenging times.

If fishers have any questions related to AFMA’s national compliance and enforcement operations they can contact AFMA 02 6225 5555 or report Illegal fishing to CRIMFISH 1800 274 634.


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