Reminder to keep your VMS switched on

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is reminding Commonwealth operators that Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) units must remain switched on at all times.

Any vessel with its VMS system switched off, where the operator has not notified us, may be required to return to, or remain in port, until such time that we can investigate, and the issue is resolved.

We understand that VMS units may need to be switched off for a range of reasons including placing the boat on the slip for maintenance or tying it up for a break.

AFMA’s Temporary Switch Off arrangements cater for these circumstances, and it is the operator’s responsibility to submit a Temporary Switch Off (TSO) application to prior to the VMS unit being switched off.

Vessel Monitoring Systems help AFMA monitor the position, course, and speed of Commonwealth fishing vessels, and are a key tool in ensuring compliance with the fisheries management arrangements.

Find more information on VMS requirements on the AFMA website.

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