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    Application for VMS Temporary Switch Off — Webform

    Concession holder details
    Contact details
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    Vessel details
    Temporary Switch Off details
    Please enter the date the VMS will be switched off DD/MM/YYYY
    Please enter the date the VMS will be switched back on DD/MM/YYYY
    Location of vessel during this period (description of locations such that the vessel may be easily located e.g. Pier 5, Port Aqua).
    Briefly describe the reasons you are seeking a VMS Temporary Switch Off.
    Please attach any other information that you consider may assist in your application (e.g advice from VMS technicians or photographs).
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    Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc, docx.

    Application for VMS Temporary Switch Off (TSO)

    The VMS Temporary Switch Off (TSO) form is to be completed in full. The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) may confirm information provided in this form during its assessment.

    By completing this form, you declare that you are authorised by the concession holder to act on their behalf for the nominated vessel. You agree to the terms and conditions stated in the application.

    Information provided in this application is to be true and correct. Deliberately providing inaccurate information is an offence under Section 135.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 - Acting with the intention of obtaining gain from a Commonwealth entity by dishonest means.

    South Australian Fishers: Providing false or misleading information is considered an offence under Section 119 of the Fisheries Management Act 2007 and carries serious penalties.

    What you need to do

    Please complete the webform above and submit to the Australian Fisheries Management Authority for processing.

    If you are unable to use the webform, you can download a word version of the VMS Temporary Switch Off form and email the completed form to ausvms@afma.gov.au.

    Temporary Switch Off terms and conditions

    Filling in this application does not constitute approval to switch off the VMS unit. The following terms and conditions will only apply to a TSO issued by AFMA. If the VMS unit is not operating continuously without a TSO being issued, then the concession holder may be held liable for breaching their permit conditions.  

    The vessel must remain at the location specified for the duration of the TSO unless you have contacted AFMA (see contacting AFMA below) and received confirmation that the vessel is to be moved. This must be done prior to moving the vessel.  

    Your TSO will expire when one of the following occurs: 

    • the negotiated period expires
    • the vessel leaves the specified location, or
    • a new TSO is issued by AFMA in place of the current one.

    Before the end of the TSO period, you must:

    • switch the VMS unit back on and contact AFMA to verify that it is polling, or
    • if more time is needed before the VMS unit is fully operational, submit a new TSO application.

    South Australian Fishers: Those who switch their VMS unit back on prior to the expiry of a TSO are required to contact AFMA and confirm the unit is polling before the vessel leaves the specified location.

    Contacting AFMA: To contact AFMA about the TSO webform please call 02 6225 5369 or 1300 723 621. If you are prompted to leave a voice message, please leave details as requested.

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