Working together on World Fisheries Day

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World Fisheries Day is celebrated on 21st of November each year, highlighting the importance of maintaining the world's fisheries.

This year the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), is encouraging Australians to celebrate the great shape Commonwealth fisheries are in, by supporting the seafood industry and enjoying delicious, sustainable seafood.

AFMA’s CEO, Wez Norris, said Australians have a lot to be pleased about when it comes to Commonwealth fisheries.

“The 2020 Fishery Status Reports has confirmed that, yet again, Commonwealth fisheries are well-managed and maintaining their sustainability.”

“Our management and monitoring practices, and enforcement operations are some of the most effective in the world.”

“On any given day 360 fishing boats are in Commonwealth waters, catching fish and contributing to Australia’s economy.”

“The way we ensure our fisheries remain sustainable is by working closely with industry, scientists and environmental non-government organisations.

“Challenges exist in fisheries management, but we overcome them by working together.”

“Industry’s ability to adapt in an ever changing environment, and a commitment to work with AFMA on changing management requirements is commendable.”

This World Fisheries Day, support Australian fishers by enjoying seafood caught in an Australian fishery. Australian seafood is clean, green, sustainable, and available from right on our doorstep!

For more information about our sustainable Commonwealth’s fisheries visit and for seafood recipes jump on to

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