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20 Aug 2020
Video tapes of David Attenborough and Les Hiddins led to an evolving career in fisheries

As Senior Fisheries Officer Emily has discovered, a background in science can lead to a rich and challenging career path. To celebrate National Science Week 2020, we had a yarn with Emily about how she first became interested in a career on the sea and how science and technology help AFMA to manage Australia’s fisheries sustainably.

19 Aug 2020
From studying marine biology in Townsville to managing fisheries in the Torres Strait

Georgia always knew she wanted to study marine biology, but could never have guessed that choice would take her to Townsville, a remote atoll in the Cook Islands, and now the Torres Strait. To celebrate National Science Week, we asked Georgia to tell us more about her passion for the ocean and the role of science in sustainable fisheries management.

18 Aug 2020
Studying Environmental Science led to a career as a Fisheries Officer

Tim always knew he wanted to work on the water so he chose to study Environmental Science at university, where he was introduced to the AFMA Observer program. This launched him into a career in fisheries where he is now a Senior Fisheries Officer. To celebrate National Science Week, we chatted to Tim about his work as a Senior Fisheries Officer and why science and technology are key to AFMA’s work.

17 Aug 2020
Celebrate the science behind your favourite seafood dish

Behind every plate of Australian-sourced gourmet prawns or takeaway fish and chips lies rigorous scientific research and cutting edge technology.

11 Aug 2020
Application period for Environment/Conservation Member for Management Advisory Committee extended

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is seeking applications for a vacant Environment/Conservation Member position for the Northern Prawn Fishery Management Advisory Committee (NORMAC).

10 Aug 2020
Information sharing with regional partners aims to reel in transnational crime syndicates

Joint media release with Australian Border Force

03 Aug 2020
Tiger prawn time in the Northern Prawn Fishery

The 2020 quest to catch tiger prawns commenced on 1 August as the Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF) tiger prawn season began.

31 Jul 2020
Improved traceability in the Bass Strait Central Zone Scallops Fishery

Bass Strait Central Zone Scallops are caught commercially in the Bass Strait between Tasmania and Victoria with the fishery managed by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA).