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    What is AFMA doing to reduce Red Tape?

    AFMA is committed to reducing costs and administration for our stakeholders. More broadly, we are working towards the government’s Deregulation agenda to drive productivity and improve efficiency gains within the Australian economy.

    AFMA’s management of fisheries (including legislative, management plans, policy and conditions) support our objectives of efficient, cost-effective and sustainable fisheries management.  Over time, the regulatory impost of these arrangements can build up and it is important for AFMA to regularly review the framework to ensure it is as efficient as it can be.

    Our approach to deregulation includes:

    • understanding the full impost to industry (costs, time and resource effort) of complying with regulation;
    • streamlining and simplifying the regulatory framework applying to Commonwealth fisheries;
    • reviewing regulation and amending or removing provisions that have become out of date, redundant or superseded;
    • progressing more efficient means of service delivery; such as online licensing and electronic reporting; and
    • ensuring regulation is risk-based and enforcement is proportionate to the level of risk.


    Latest news on red tape

    AFMA is directly progressing over 50 initiatives to reduce red tape to the fishing industry. Find more information on AFMA's full list of initiatives and their current status on the AFMA website.

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    Page last updated: 17/02/2023