Resource assessment group members are consultants appointed by the AFMA CEO under the policy Fisheries Administration Paper 12 Resource Assessment Groups.


Rates for daily sitting fees and travel expenses

Members are entitled to claim a daily sitting fee for attendance at committee meetings. The amounts are determined by AFMA.  Members will also be reimbursed reasonable travel expenses incurred for out of pocket expenses for flights, accommodation, meals not paid for by AFMA -see the Remuneration determination of Public Offices for Part-time Offices as a guide of what is considered reasonable expenses. Your AFMA member can advise on what constitutes RAG business.

The current daily sitting fee amounts are:

Position 5 hours or less – hourly rate over 5 hours – daily rate
Chair $240 per hour (plus GST) $1800 per day (plus GST)
Scientific member $200 per hour (plus GST) $1500 per day (plus GST)
Member (other) $55.70 per hour (plus GST) $418 per day (plus GST)

Making a claim: for RAG members

Claims for sitting fees and expenses must be submitted within 14 business days of the meeting you are claiming for. You can submit your claim by completing one of the following forms and sending to your Executive Officer. You must attach copies of receipts for any expenses being claimed. Sitting fees can only be claimed for the number of hours or days that the meeting took place. The claim form you submit will depend on if you have an ABN and are registered for GST or not:

New resource assessment group members

New RAG members must complete the following forms so they can be paid sitting fees and be reimbursed for expenses.

  • Vendor creation form (PDF, 128kb)
  • Statement by supplier form – ONLY complete this form if you or your business does not have an ABN and is not registered for GST. If you do not have an ABN and are not registered for GST and do not complete this form, AFMA is required to withhold 46.5 % of your sitting fee. This form can only be obtained from the ATO or most news agencies.