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    The following data includes the retained and discarded catch figures for purse seine and midwater trawl vessels operating in the Small Pelagic Fishery. AFMA publishes all interactions with protected species quarterly at afma.gov.au.



    This table is based on raw (unprocessed) data and may contain errors or be incomplete. AFMA makes no warranty or representation that the data is accurate or complete. Those who choose to use this data should make their own enquiries as to its accuracy and completeness and AFMA assumes no liability for any errors or omissions in the data provided, or for any decision by a person who chooses to rely on the data.

    This data is logbook data and may be inconsistent with total annual retained catch data from Catch Disposal Records (CDR), as published via the Catchwatch reports on AFMA’s website. It is not unusual for logbook data to vary slightly from CDR data, as logbook data is an estimated weight. CDR data, which is a verified weight, is deducted from each operator’s quota holdings.


    Catch data 2022–23 fishing season

    Species Retained (kg) Discarded (kg)
    Blue Mackerel 9,650,855 42,663
    Jack Mackerel (mixed) 6,388,654 10
    Redbait (mixed) 1,946,177 11,179
    Australian Sardine 70,575 65
    Bigeye Thresher 0 900
    Black Marlin 0 60
    Blue Shark 0 50
    Blue cod 0 3
    Bronze Whaler 0 200
    Common Jack Mackerel 2,953,822 51,549
    Fish Oceanic (mixed) 0 50
    Gemfish 270 3
    Gould's Squid 0 174
    Leatherjackets - unspecified 28 5
    Mackerels (mixed) 10 0
    Maray 3,160 0
    Marlins - unspecified 0 205
    Ocean Sunfish 325 13,852
    Pelagic Thresher 0 160
    Red Gurnard 0 1
    Sawsharks 0 1
    Sharks (mixed) 0 1,720
    Southern Sawshark 0 3
    Squids 64 10
    Thresher Shark 0 560
    Tiger Shark 0 200
    Yellowtail Scad 59,244 500
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