South Tasman Rise

The Southern Remote Zone – South Tasman Rise Sector

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    The South Tasman Rise Sector has been closed since 2007.

    Australia and New Zealand established a memorandum of understanding for cooperative management of stocks in 1998, however, New Zealand have not fished the South Tasman Rise since the end of the 2000-01 fishing season. In the later years very little orange roughy was caught, with catch mostly comprising byproduct of smooth and spikey oreodory.

    Australia and New Zealand agreed that there would be no fishing in 2007-08 and indefinitely thereafter, a decision that was upheld for the 2008-09 fishing season. No permits have been issued for this fishery since 2007. Resumption of fishing will require agreement between Australia and New Zealand on issues such as an appropriate total allowable catch setting and a new harvest strategy.

    South Tasman Rise map

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    Page last updated: 17/02/2023