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    Fisheries management policies are developed to support the legislative and regulatory framework for Commonwealth fisheries.

    Below is a list of AFMA’s fisheries management policies.


    Allocation of fishing concessions where management arrangements change

    The process AFMA follows when allocating fishing concessions if the management arrangements for a fishery have been changed and fishing concessions have been granted already.

    See our policy for allocation of fishing concessions where management arrangements change.


    Australian Fishing Vessels unloading in foreign ports

    The policy and process AFMA follows regarding the inspection of Australian Fishing Vessels unloading in foreign ports.

    See the Inspection of Australian Fishing Vessels Unloading in Foreign Port Policy.


    Developmental Fisheries policy

    sets out the policy and processes for the exploration and development of new, unallocated or unexploited fish resources in the Commonwealth fisheries jurisdiction. 

    See our policy on developmental fisheries.


    Disposal of fishing vessels, catch and gear

    The policy and process we follow for the disposal of fishing vessels, catch and gear ordered by a court in relation to a breach of the fisheries legislation.

    See our policy for the disposal of fishing vessels, catch and gear.


    Ecological Risk Management

    The policy AFMA follows for undertaking Ecological Risk Assessments (ERAs) and administering Ecological Risk Management (ERM) in pursuit of its fishery management objectives, particularly Ecologically Sustainable Development.

    See AFMA’s Ecological Risk Management policy.


    Fisheries bycatch policy

    The policy ensures that direct and indirect impacts on marine systems are taken into account and managed on an ecologically sustainable basis. This is done by improving the protection for vulnerable species and minimizing adverse impacts of fishing on the marine environment.

    See all bycatch policies and workplans.


    Fisheries Research and Science Quality Assurance Policy 

    The policy describes the approach and the contribution that AFMA’s staff, committees and other bodies make towards gathering and using scientific results and information.

    See AFMA's policy for Fisheries Research and Science Quality Assurance.


    Harvest strategies

    Harvest strategy policies provide guidance on how to manage fish stocks sustainably and profitably.

    See all fisheries harvest strategies.


    Information and advice for industry members on AFMA Committees

    This provides information to industry members appointed to AFMA committees and advice on their obligations and responsibilities when attending meetings and on what is expected of them in their position as industry member.

    See our administration paper on Information and Advice for Industry Members on AFMA Committees.


    Information disclosure

    This is our policy and procedures for disclosing information we collect.

    See our process and policy for information disclosure.


    Operation of management advisory committees

    See the policy for the operation of Management Advisory Committees.


    Operation of resource assessment groups

    See the policy for the operation of Resource Assessment Groups.


    Quota administration

    This is the process AFMA follows when administering statutory fishing rights and individual transferable quotas, collectively termed “quota”.

    See the Quota Administration Policy.


    Revoked papers

    Paper 9 – Considerations applied where an offence is believed to be committed. Revoked February 2010.


    Scientific permits

    Scientific permits allow the permit holder to carry out scientific research in a particular area of the Commonwealth fisheries.

    See the process we follow when granting scientific permits.


    Transhipping Policy

    The Transhipping Policy and Transhipping Guidelines aim to improve consistency and transparency in AFMA’s decision making process regarding transhipping activities in Commonwealth managed fisheries, as well as making clear the rules and requirements that will apply if an activity is authorised. 

    See all Transhipping documents


    Undercatch and overcatch of quota

    Managing undercatch of quota (carryover) and overcatch of quota (carryunder) in Commonwealth fisheries .

    See the principles for the management of undercatch or overcatch in a fishery.


    Unpaid and overdue levies

    This is the process we follow for dealing with holders of Commonwealth fishing concessions who have not paid their levies.

    See our policy and procedure for handling unpaid levies.

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