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    Scientific permits

    Scientific permits are granted for the purposes of conducting scientific research in a specified area of the Australian Fishing Zone or in a specified fishery.

    Scientific permits are not transferable, and no application fee applies. Scientific permits are granted for a maximum of six months.

    These permits are granted under Section 33 of the Fisheries Management Act 1991. em>Fisheries Management Paper 11 sets out a policy for granting of scientific permits by AFMA.

    Scientific permit applications sent to AFMA seeking approval to conduct new research projects, need to be submitted using the AFMA approved form accompanied by a detailed proposal outlining the projects aims, objectives and methods. AFMA may seek further information or documentation as required.

    Policy for granting scientific permits

    This Fisheries Management Paper sets out the Australian Fisheries Management Authority’s (AFMA’s) policy for the granting of scientific permits in the Commonwealth fisheries.

    Download the policy for the granting of scientific permits.

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    Page last updated: 22/01/2024