Handling practices guide

Download the Handling practices guide for commonly caught bycatch species (PDF, 2MB)

Bycatch Handling and Treatment Guide

AFMA’s Bycatch Handling and Treatment Guide 2016/17 assists fishers to operate within the provision of their fishing concession by outlining the correct handling and treatment of bycatch for the fishing method employed.

Download the Bycatch Handling and Treatment Guide 2016/17 (PDF, 1MB)

Bycatch reduction (fish)

Kon’s Covered Fisheye Bycatch Reduction device – Northern Prawn Fishery 2016 (PDF 2MB)

At sea testing of the witches hat bycatch reduction device enhancer in the Northern Prawn Fishery – July 2010

At sea testing of the Hills Nets bycatch reduction device onboard the FV Dolphin Pearl – February 2010

At sea testing of a submerged light bycatch reduction device onboard the FV Ocean Thief for approval in Australias Northern Prawn Fishery – January 2010


Seabird Mitigation Assessment – Report Summary

Effectiveness of Seabird Mitigation Devices – full report

View the Seabird ID Guide ebooklet  or Download a printable version of the Seabird ID Guide (PDF, 4.29 MB)

Seabird Bill Guide (PDF, 310 KB)

Guide to Developing New Seabird Mitigation Devices in Trawl Fisheries (PDF, 67 KB)


Deepwater shark and skate ID guide (PDF, 2 M)

Shark and Ray Handling Practices – A guide for commercial fishers in southern Australia

Chondrichthyan Guide for Fishery Managers (PDF, 624 KB)

Sharks caught in SBT fishing grounds (PDF, 4 MB)

Protected species ID guide

Protected Species ID Guide (PDF, 3 MB)