Southern bluefin tuna zone

Current location

The location of the new SBT Zone will be implemented as of 00.01am Friday 11 November 2018.

The current zone is located at: The northern boundary of the SBT Zone commences at latitude 34°52’S, longitude and extends due east.

SBT Zone:

 Previous location (July – August 2018)

The previous zone was located at:

SBT Zone: The northern boundary of the SBT Zone commenced at latitude 33°00’S, longitude and extends due east. 

Management arrangements for 2018

E-monitoring is now mandatory on all full-time boats within the ETBF. For this reason, observer coverage will not apply in the fishery for 2018 and the SBT arrangements for this season have been changed. The 2018 arrangements are as follows:

  • There will be one SBT zone, no core and buffer zones.
  • Uncaught SBT quota must be held by operators to enter the SBT zone.
  • A fully functional e-monitoring system must be on-board the vessel when fishing in the zone regardless of the amount of days the vessel may be fishing in the fishery.
  • Operators need to be aware that only alive and vigorous SBT can be discarded. Any SBT discarded dead will be deducted from the concession holder’s quota.
  • When in the SBT zone operators must carry a minimum of 50 Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (CCSBT) Catch Documentation Scheme (CDS) tags on-board the vessel.
  • In addition to the usual logbooks and catch disposal records, operators are required to complete the CCSBT Catch Documentation Scheme (CDS) catch monitoring form and catch tagging form to enable more precise tracking of individual SBT.
  • SBT zone location will be reviewed weekly and updated as required.

If you are planning to target SBT, you should review the following requirement documents: