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    Information for Fishers

    To use e-logs you need to

    • Purchase e-log software
    • Register for GoFish and e-logs

    Purchasing e-log software

    E-logs software is provided by private companies. To get e-log software you need to contact one of the software providers.

    Currently two software providers are suitable for AFMA reporting:

    Provider CatchLog Trading Pty. Ltd OLRAC
    Telephone 07 4033 1322 0490 315 509 and 0408 581 599
    Email admin@catchlog.com olrac@olsps.com
    Web www.catchlog.com www.olsps.com


    Registering for GoFish/ e-logs with AFMA

    To register for GoFish:

    If you would like to register another person to act as your agent, for example your skipper:

    Once registered, you, or your agent, will receive an email with a Client ID and a one-time password.

    e-logs user registrations

    Once you have registered and received your GoFish client ID and password, please contact AFMA on 02 6225 5542 to be added to the list of people authorised to use e-logs.

    Once you have purchased e-logs software and registered with AFMA you can start submitting e-logs.

    New e-log users need to submit both e-log and paper logbook records to ensure that the e-log is being received correctly by AFMA. Both paper and e-logs must be submitted until AFMA notifies you that paper logs are no longer needed.

    Your e-log should be completed in accordance with AFMA’s e-log instructions.

    AFMA will need a record from you to cover every day that the fishing concession is in force. You will have been considered to have submitted your daily logbook report if you have received a confirmation email from AFMA acknowledging receipt.

    All logbook information must be recorded on a shot-by-shot basis and details for the last day of the trip must be recorded before the boat docks at the end of each trip.


    AFMA e-log instructions

    If you are having trouble completing your e-log please contact your e-logs software provider.

    For further assistance please contact the following:

    Technical support Please contact your software vendor
    Corrections to submitted data Licensing and Data Services

    P: 1300 723 621

    E: dataentry@afma.gov.au


    More information
    Licensing and Data Services

    P: 1300 723 621

    E: dataentry@afma.gov.au

    Information for software providers

    If you would like to become an e-logs software provider please contact AFMA at elogs@afma.gov.au or 1300 723 621.  You can also log into our developer portal which provides access to the services that the AFMA makes available for the exchange of information.

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    Page last updated: 23/03/2023