The forms on this page can be used to register your licensing transactions with AFMA, to nominate a boat to your concessions as well as various other licensing and quota management functions.

Fees may apply for registration and are required to be paid before the registration can be processed.

AFMA are responsible for  licensing on behalf of the PZJA in the Torres Strait protected zone. For Torres Strait licensing see the PZJA website.

Seasonal lease and permanent transfer applications forms
Code Form
LC Seasonal lease application (PDF, 150 KB)
TC Permanent transfer application (PDF, 101 KB)
Seasonal lease and permanent transfer attachments
Code Attachments
ETBF Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery (PDF, 150 KB)
MIT Macquarie Island Toothfish Fishery (PDF, 177 KB)
NPF Northern Prawn Fishery (PDF, 125KB)
SBT Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishery (PDF, 152 KB)
SCA Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery (154 KB)
SDW Shark and Deepwater Species (PDF, 131 KB)
SESS Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery (PDF, 336 KB)
SPF Small Pelagic Fishery (PDF, 148 KB)
SQJ Southern Squid Jig Fishery (PDF, 124 KB)
HIMI Heard Island and McDonald Islands Fishery (PDF, 176 KB)
WTBF Western Tuna and Billfish Fishery (PDF, 170 KB)


Boat nomination – statutory fishing rights and fishing permits application form
Code Form
BN Boat nomination statutory fishing rights and fishing permits (PDF, 189 KB)


VMS Forms
Code Form
  Tracking Authorisation Form (PDF, 337 KB)
IDA Inmarsat Distress Alert Contact (PDF, 319 KB) Inmarsat Distress Alert Contact (Word, 99 KB)
Other licensing and quota management forms
Code Form
CF Client form (PDF, 121 KB)
FR Application for fish receiver permit (PDF, 99 KB)
  Application to receive SBT (PDF, 314 KB)
FP1 Application for Fishing Permit (PDF, 181 KB)
PP Application for a Port Permit (PDF, 410 KB)
Application for a Port Permit (DOC, 151 KB)
Port Access Guidelines July 2013 (DOC, 398 KB)
Port Access Guidelines July 2013(PDF, 940 KB)
TP Application for Transfer of Fishing Permit (PDF, 128 KB)
HS1 Application for High Seas Fishing Permit (PDF, 175 KB)
RA Registered Authorised Agent Nomination form (PDF, 15 KB)
AGR Application for GoFish registration (PDF, 226 KB)
SC Notification of Surrender form (PDF, 70 KB)
SP1 Application for Scientific Permit (PDF, 222KB)
DS-2031 Northern Prawn Fishery - U.S. Department of State - Shrimp Exporter's/Importer's Declaration
  FAO species codes (XLS, 2 MB)
NC Notification of Caveat on Transfer of Fishing Concession
RC Notification of Removal of Caveat on Fishing Concession

European Community catch certificates

European Community catch certificates are required for export of Commonwealth species to Member States of the European Union. To be validated by AFMA.

European Community catch certificates
Form Description
European Community Catch Certificate For vessels:
  • = or > 12m without towed gear, OR
  • = or > 8m with towed gear, OR
  • with a superstructure, OR
  • = or > measured 20 GT.
European Community Catch Certificate (simplified form) (PDF, 16 KB) For vessels:
  • < 12m without towed gear, OR
  • < 8m with towed gear, OR
  • without a superstructure, OR
  • of < measured 20 GT.
Appendix 1, European Community – transport details (PDF, 7 KB) To submit to Member State of the European Union with CCSBT catch documentation for export of SBT – does not require AFMA approval. Advice on the requirements of the EC regulation is available in the Australian Government, AQIS Market Advice (December 2009) on the Department of Agriculture website. Instructions on how to complete a catch certificate are in the ‘Handbook on the practical application of Council Regulation (EC) No. 1005/2008’ (PDF, 260 KB) available from the Globefish website.