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    The Sub-Antarctic Resource Assessment Group is the key research and scientific committee for management of the Heard Island and McDonald Islands Fishery and Macquarie Island Toothfish Fishery.

    The group provides advice to the Sub-Antarctic Management Advisory Committee on the status of fish stocks, sub stocks, species (target and non-target), the impact of fishing on the marine environment and the type of information needed for stock assessments. They also evaluate the impact over time of different harvest strategies, stock depletion and recovery rates, confidence levels for fishery assessments and risks to the success of fishery objectives. Compliance and economic factors affecting the fishery are also evaluated and reported on by the group.

    This group provides an avenue for consultation between industry members, fishery managers, fishery economists, fishery scientists and other interest groups.

    • Total allowable catches for the Heard Island and McDonald Islands Fishery
    • Total allowable catches for the Macquarie Island Toothfish Fishery
    • Climate change impacts and workshop
    • Proposal to trial some changes to some seabird management arrangements in the Macquarie Island Toothfish Fishery
    • Fishery monitoring options for the Heard Island and McDonald Islands Fishery

    Read the Sub-Antarctic Resource Assessment Group August 2023 meeting minutes.

    Read the May 2023 meeting minutes.

    The next meeting is scheduled for 7 May 2024.

    • Development of robust assessment methods and harvest strategies for spatially complex, multi-jurisdictional toothfish fisheries in the Southern Ocean
    • Heard Island and McDonald Islands Fishery random stratified trawl survey
    • Development of management strategy evaluation for the Macquarie Island Toothfish Fishery.

    Past minutes, recommendations and advice can be found on the Sub-Antarctic Resource Assessment Group past meetings page.

    Members are appointed for the period 1 July 2022 until 31 December 2023.

    • Mr Bruce Wallner, Chair
    • Ms Danait Ghebrezgabhier, AFMA member
    • Dr Tim Ward, scientific member
    • Dr Philippe Ziegler, scientific member
    • Dr Cara Miller, scientific member
    • Dr Rich Hillary, scientific member
    • Mr Brad Millic, industry member
    • Mr Rhys Arangio, industry member
    • Ms Heather Patterson, government observer
    • Dr Pia Bessel-Browne, invited participant

    Claire Wallis
    Executive Officer
    Tel: 02 6225 5555
    Email: claire.wallis@afma.gov.au

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