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    The South East Resource Assessment Group (SERAG) is the key research and scientific committee for management of the Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery. The group provides advice to the South East Management Advisory Committee (SEMAC) on the status of fish stocks, sub stocks, species (target and non-target), the impact of fishing on the marine environment and the type of information needed for stock assessments.

    This group provides advice on the recommended biological catch for the quota groups or species that occur on the continental shelf and slope. They also evaluate the impact over time of different harvest strategies, stock depletion and recovery rates, confidence levels for fishery assessments and risks to the success of fishery objectives. Economic factors affecting the fishery are also evaluated and reported on by the group.

    This group provides an avenue for consultation between industry members, fishery managers, fishery economists, fishery scientists and other interest groups. SERAG was formed in 2016 as an amalgamation of the former ShelfRAG and SlopeRAG.

    • Stock assessments for TAC setting purposes.
    • Research Priorities for the SESSF Annual Research Statement.
    • Review of management strategies for all rebuilding species.

    For further information on discussion topics see previous meeting minutes.

    For information on most recent species stock assessment schedules please see the publications section.


    Meetings generally occur between September and November every year. If you wish to know the next meeting date, please contact serag@afma.gov.au.

    Past minutes, recommendations and advice can be found on the SERAG past meetings page or archived in the ShelfRAG and SlopeRAG past meeting pages.

    Current SERAG Membership

    • Dr Paul McShane, Chair
    • Dr Mark Grubert, AFMA member
    • Dr Geoff Tuck, scientific member
    • Mr Andrew Penney, scientific member
    • Dr Ian Knuckey, scientific member
    • Dr Sarah Jennings, scientific (economics) member
    • Mr Simon Boag, industry member
    • Mr Daniel Hogan, industry member
    • Mr Will Mure, industry member
    • Mr Ross Winstanley, recreational member

    Demersal and Midwater team, Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

    Phone: (02) 6225 5555

    Email: serag@afma.gov.au

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    Page last updated: 16/02/2024