The Northern Prawn Resource Assessment Group is the research and scientific committee for management of the Northern Prawn Fishery. The group provides advice to the AFMA, the Commission and the Northern Prawn Management Advisory Committee on the status of target stocks (including the type of information and research needed to support the stock assessments) and on fishing impacts upon byproduct, bycatch and the marine environment.

The group also evaluates alternative harvest options like the impact over time of different harvest strategies, effort levels, confidence levels for fishery assessments and risks to the success of fishery objectives. Economic factors affecting the fishery are a key consideration for the assessments.

This group provides an avenue for consultation between industry members, fishery managers, economists, scientists and other interest groups.

Recent discussion topics

  • review of the Redleg Banana prawn Harvest Strategy decision rules
  • updates to the NPF stock assessment
  • review of recent reports from the Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment (NAWRA) project
  • review of the fishery’s scientific observer data collection protocols
  • review of the fishery’s research priorities

View the 21 February 2019  NPFRAG meeting minutes (PDF).

Next meeting

The next committee meeting is scheduled for May 2019.

Current research priorities

  • assessment of target species
  • recruitment and spawning surveys
  • analysis of observer data
  • bycatch reduction
  • river flow impacts.

Past meetings

Past minutes, recommendations and advice can be found on the Northern Prawn Fishery Resource Assessment Group past meetings page.


Members are appointed until 31 March 2019.

  • Dr Ian Knuckey, Chair
  • Mr Rik Buckworth, research member
  • Mr David Brewer, research member
  • Mr Ian Boot, industry  member
  • Mr Phil Robson, industry  member
  • Dr Tom Kompas, economics member
  • Mr David Power, AFMA member


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