The Small Pelagic Fishery Resource Assessment Group (SPFRAG) provides scientific and economic advice and recommendations to the South East Management Advisory Committee (SEMAC), AFMA management, and the AFMA Commission on the status of target stocks, harvest rates and total allowable catches, and the impact of fishing on the marine environment.

See the SPF Scientific Panel and SPF Stakeholder Forum webpages for previous meeting minutes and papers.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of SPFRAG will be held in December 2022.

Recent discussion topics

Some recent discussion topics of the SPFRAG include:

  • Bycatch and Discard Workplan
  • SPF 2022-23 Research Priorities
  • SPF Five Year Strategic Research Plan

Download the minutes of the December 2021 SPF Resource Assessment Group Meeting 04.

Current research priorities

  • Annual Monitoring, reporting and assessment of marine mammal interactions, including effectiveness of mitigation measures.

Past meetings

Past minutes, recommendations and advice can be found on the Small Pelagic Fishery Resource Assessment Group past meetings page.


Members are appointed for the period 1 July 2019 until 30 June 2022.

  • Mr Max Kitchell, Chair
  • Dr Lara Ainley, AFMA member
  • Prof Caleb Gardner, economic member
  • Dr Tim Ward, scientific member
  • Mr Andrew Penney, scientific member
  • Mr Gerry Geen, industry  member
  • Ms Anissa Lawrence, conservation member
  • Mr Malcolm Poole, recreational member
  • Dr Jeremy Lyle, invited participant (scientific)


Max Bayly
Executive Officer
Tel: 02 6225 5479
Email: max.bayly [at]