The Small Pelagic Fishery Resource Assessment Group (SPFRAG) provided scientific and economic advice and recommendations to the South East Management Advisory Committee, AFMA management, and the AFMA Commission on the status of target stocks, harvest rates and total allowable catches, and the impact of fishing on the marine environment.

When members of the SPFRAG completed their term of appointment on 30 June 2015, the AFMA Commission commenced a two year trial of a scientific panel together with stakeholder forums, to enable more stakeholders to engage in the advisory process while maintaining the focus on the scientific and economic advice it is seeking.

See the SPF stakeholder forum webpage for the latest information on recent forums.

See the SPF Scientific Panel webpage for the latest information and presentations by panel members.

2015 meeting minutes

March 2015 SPFRAG meeting minutes (PDF 1.2 MB)

February 2015 SPFRAG meeting minutes (PDF 554 KB)

2014 meeting minutes

September 2014 SPFRAG meeting minutes (PDF 971 KB)

June 2014 SPFRAG meeting minutes (PDF 444 KB)

March 2014 SPFRAG meeting minutes (PDF 384 KB)

2013 meeting minutes

November 2013 SPFRAG meeting minutes (PDF 694 KB)

May 2013 SPFRAG meeting minutes (PDF 569 KB)

March 2013 SPFRAG meeting minutes (PDF 381 KB)