The aim of a harvest strategy is the ecologically sustainable and profitable use of Australia’s Commonwealth commercial fisheries resources (where ecological sustainability takes priority). It also gives the fishing industry and other stakeholders a more structured operating environment.

Each fishery develops its own harvest strategy in line with the overarching Commonwealth Fisheries Harvest Strategy Policy and Guidelines which allows for a strategic, science–based approach to setting catch limits in Commonwealth fisheries and practical advice on how to interpret and apply the policy to fisheries and details about the science behind the fisheries management decisions.

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Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery Harvest Strategy (PDF, 283kB)

AFMA is in the process of re-developing and updating the ETBF Harvest Strategy for Swordfish and Striped Marlin. The revised harvest strategy is expected to be adopted in 2020.

Note: The Western Tuna and Billfish Fishery uses the same harvest strategy framework as the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery Harvest Strategy.

Due to the low effort and catch however, there was insufficient data in the Western Tuna and Billfish Fishery to operate the harvest strategy in the fishery. AFMA is in the process of developing a new Australian Tuna and Billfish Fishery harvest strategy that will be able to assess by-product and major by-catch species in addition to the main target species.